Dear Residence Owner,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Elite Alliance®, a luxury vacation rental and exchange program that echoes a philosophy similar to The Residences at Rancho La Puerta. Elite Alliance share the Ranch’s core values centered on the wellbeing and care of their clientele, a persistent focus on high quality, a precise attention to detail, and an undeniable love of nature, travel and the outdoors. We are excited to be a part of The Residence family.

As an added bonus Grupo Espiritu is gifting two year's premium membership in Elite Alliance's Exchange Program to home buyers who participate in Elite Alliance's Rental Program. You need not wait until your home is built to start enjoying the membership so start planning your next adventure now.

I trust you are as excited as I am. I invite you to learn more about the rental and exchange program here.

Warm Regards,

Rob Goodyear
President & CEO

Rental: Benefiting from your investment

You became an owner of The Residences to enjoy world-renowned fitness and spa services at the World’s #1 Destination Wellness Resort. When you are not personally using your residence, you may rent it through Elite Alliance, generating income to help offset ownership expenses. Elite Alliance understands the rental market for such a unique and special property, creating security and peace of mind because we care for and protect your investment.

The Residences at Rancho La Puerta

Tecate, Mexico

Step one

Review Rental
Management Agreement

Please review the rental management agreement which provides details and requirements for the program along with the responsibilities of Elite Alliance.

Rental Management Agreement
Step two

Contact Elite Alliance

Upon your review of the rental management agreement, please contact Melanie Brumbaugh, Elite Alliance Director of Reservations, with additional questions.

Melanie Brumbaugh

(214) 396.7179 – Direct

Step three


Elite Alliance will provide the rental management agreement with your ownership details in DocuSign for your digital signature.

Step four

Begin Enjoying
Travel Benefits

Owners who participate in Elite Alliance's rental management program can enjoy access to hundreds of vacation destinations through our exchange program... even before your home is built.

Want to learn more about Elite Alliance's Exchange Program?

Rental Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are rental funds collected?
    Elite Alliance Hospitality (EAH) collects a nightly rental rates (Gross Rental Revenue), a departure cleaning fee, and all applicable taxes.
  • How are rental funds distributed?
    EAH deducts three and three quarter percent (3.75%) of the reservation total from the Gross Rental Revenue to account for credit card processing fees. Sixty-five percent (65%) of the Net Rental Revenue is then distributed to the owner via check or wire transfer within twenty (20) days following the close of the month. EAH handles payment of cleaning fees and taxes to the necessary vendors and government entities.
  • When are rental funds distributed?
    EAH shall furnish Owners with monthly accounting statements, on or before the 20th day of each month, identifying for the previous month: fulfilled rental reservations, the residence’s Net Rental Proceeds, the total Rental Management Fee, the Total Owner’s Proceeds, and any amounts that may be due to EAH.
  • How will EAH secure renters for my residence?
    EAH uses an industry leading Reservation Management System to make your residence available to numerous online travel agencies, and work ‘hand-in-hand’ with The Ranch on programming, access and supplement their rental offerings. We also market directly to our companies’ extensive database of affluent travelers.
  • How are the rental rates established and managed?
    EAH will conduct a thorough rental rate analysis for Tecate and the surrounding regions to formulate the rates for The Residences at Rancho La Puerta. These rates will then be monitored daily and adjusted based on supply and demand to maximize rental revenue.
  • How will EAH protect my residence from damage?
    EAH will set and strictly enforce a maximum occupancy of two people per king and queen beds and one person per twin bed, unless otherwise agreed upon by EAH and Owner. EAH will require all rental guests to sign a rental agreement containing the property’s rules and regulations prior to arrival to ensure compliance. EAH will collect a security deposit from all rental guests and conduct a thorough pre-arrival inspection and post-departure inspection.
  • Are owners limited on how much they can personally occupy their residence?
    No, Owners and Guests of Owners may occupy their residence as much or as little as they choose. These types of reservations can be entered 24/7 via our online Owner’s Portal or by working directly with one of our Reservations Specialists.
  • What are the requirements for the Rental Program?
    One of the fundamental requirements for acceptance into EAH’s Rental Program is compliance with our furniture standards and the purchase of a hospitality package. This is to ensure that affiliation is only offered to those that truly match our standards necessary to meet the needs and expectations of our Members and Guests. The requirements to participate can be found as exhibits to the Rental Management Agreement.

Rental Program Requirements

Owners who wish to participate in Elite Alliance's Rental Program are required to purchase a hospitality package from Grupo Espiritu. The hospitality package includes operating supplies and equipment, drapery, electronics, bedding, linen and terry to prepare your residence for vacation rentals.

Quantities and pricing will vary based upon the size and bedroom configuration of your residence, and the items selected within the hospitality package. Some items within the package can be omitted and obtained by the owner him/herself, as long as they meet our Residence Furniture Standards.

The items included in the hospitality package have been selected based upon quality, consistency, inventory and for ease of replacement. In addition, since each Owner can customize their bedroom bedding, Karla Cabriada with Grupo Espiritu, can discuss the specifics and standards once you have finalized your selections.

Furthermore, if an owner chooses not to partake of the all-inclusive Grupo Espiritu Residence Furnishings Package, the Elite Alliance Residence Furnishing Standards can be found below.

View Example - Hospitality Package View Example - Residence Furnishing Standards

Karla Cabriada

Sales Director - Grupo Espiritu

(619) 882.8574 – US Cell

Casita A

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Casita B

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Casa A

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Casa B

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Villa A

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Villa B

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Exchange: Your passport to a world of luxury travel

For those who participate in our rental management program we include access to hundreds of vacation destinations through our exchange program. One of the fundamental requirements for acceptance into the Elite Alliance Exchange is compliance with our brand standards. This ensures that affiliation is only offered to properties that will meet the expectations of our Members and their guests. Elite Alliance offers a diverse, enticing and expanding portfolio of one-of-a-kind residences for vacation exchange at exciting locations. Each visit to a new destination will create lifelong memories.

Residence Club at Rosewood Bermuda


Vacation Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Elite Alliance exchange program?
    The Elite Alliance exchange program was established to enhance the value, flexibility, and enjoyment of vacation home ownership. Elite Alliance members can experience exciting new destinations by exchanging vacations with owners at other participating residence clubs and resort communities that meet Elite Alliance's demanding standards of quality, location, and service. Elite Alliance properties are in many of the world's most coveted destinations. Your Elite Alliance staff coordinates between Elite Alliance properties and provides complete travel services for its members. PLEASE NOTE: to be eligible for Elite Alliance's exchange program you must participate in Elite Alliance's Rental Program.
  • What are Elite Credits & how are the values of Elite Credits determined & incorporated into the exchange process?
    Every residence club and luxury, professionally managed vacation home is assigned Elite Credits based on the destination’s desirability, location, seasonality, and residence size. Elite Credits are credited to a member’s account upon deposit of a vacation and debited when that member reserves an exchange vacation. Members have up to twenty-four (24) months from the arrival date of the deposited vacation to use their Elite Credits.
  • What are the three types of Elite Alliance vacations: Exchange Vacations, Elite Escapes, and Access Vacations?

    Exchange vacations are deposited vacations that range from $395 - $995 to reserve, and arrival dates range from short-notice to future availability.

    Elite Escapes are short-notice vacations, available sixty (60) days prior to the vacation arrival date. Reserving an Elite Escape does not require Elite Credits. Elite Escapes would be valued at many thousands of dollars but are made available to our members for $695 - $1,995.

    Access Vacations are only available at select properties and are offered at preferred member rates. Access Vacations do not require a vacation deposit to reserve and Elite Credits do not apply.

  • Are there any other charges associated with an Elite Alliance Exchange Vacations, Elite Escapes, or Access Vacations?
    Some residence clubs and resort communities may charge additional fees such as daily housekeeping fees, check-out fees, recreation access fees, or other charges. Details about property-specific fees may be found Elite Alliance’s website or the Resort’s Trip Guide.
  • What type of Membership will I receive from Grupo Espiritu?

    Grupo Espirti is gifting Owners a 2-year Premium Membership in Elite Alliance providing our highest level of privileges and benefits, including complimentary 24-hour vacation holds, complimentary one time 6-month Elite Credit extension, complimentary Travel Insurance, the ability to cancel an exchange at any time, and so much more.

    After 2-years, Owners can renew their membership with Elite Alliance by simply staying active as a member by making a vacation deposit.

  • When can I start using my Exchange Membership?
    Owners who have signed a Rental Management Agreement with Elite Alliance will be provided a 2-year Premium Membership into the Exchange Program, providing immediate access to Elite Escapes (short notice vacations).