Brand Assets

The Elite Alliance® brand is a valuable company asset. Much more than a logo, the Elite Alliance brand is a powerful tool – assisting in the marketing and sales of residence clubs and luxurious vacation homes, as well as aiding in all stages of a project’s development. The Elite Alliance brand is well recognized in the industry and stands for the highest level of quality in both product and destination. Including logos, colors and type fonts, Elite Alliance’s brand combines and exceeds those factors to create a strong overall impression of the company and its three divisions in the minds of the developers, vacation homeowners, members, and partners.

The information below details the style guidelines and specifications for the Elite Alliance. The style guidelines are intended to provide uniformity for all parties involved in the development of marketing materials produced in conjunction with the Elite Alliance. All print and electronic communication, advertising, and marketing which carry the brand name of the Elite Alliance must adhere to these guidelines.

Logo & Usage

The logo specifications that follow apply to the Elite Alliance company, using any or all parts of “Elite Alliance” with the registered trademark [®] and/or the globe icon. All logos, images, and text are ©2024 Elite Alliance.

Note: The size, proportions and color(s) of the logo have been carefully established and should never be recreated or altered. The acceptable variations are presented here and have been provided electronically for print or electronic usage.

Our primary Elite Alliance logo with all three divisions attached should be used when representing Elite Alliance on partner websites and within marketing collateral. In some cases, when specifying Real Estate, Hospitality, or the Exchange, the specific division logo may be used.

Logo Elements

The logos for the Elite Alliance company consist of three elements:
  • the company name logo
  • the registered trademark [®]
  • the globe icon
The company name logo “Elite Alliance” must be displayed with the registered trademark [®]. The name logo should not be separated from the globe icon except in rare circumstances.

Logo Rendering

For color printing on a white or light colored background, the logo may be printed in 4 color/CMYK, or may be separated into two colors: PMS 5415 (Aqua Blue) for the globe icon and “Elite,” and PMS 424 (Smoke Gray) for “Alliance®”. When color is not an option, black ink may be used. On a black or dark background, the name logo type may be changed to blue and white or all white, and the globe icon changed to white, gray, or blue as shown.

Color Palette

The additional colors that may be used (in combination with black and white) on the Elite Alliance materials and supporting branding graphics are shown below. These colors should be reproduced to the specifications here as accurately as possible in print and electronic applications.

Logo Size & Spacing

The size of the logo is measured across the complete width. The company name logo should not be reproduced smaller than 1" in size, in order to ensure readability in reproduction.

In any type of marketing or advertising document, the logo should be placed in the most prominent position on the page. When a document dictates the use of logos from other companies within the same layout, the Elite Alliance logo must be displayed at the same size or larger than the other logos in order to maintain its importance.

As shown below, a minimum of .5” should be maintained around all four sides of the logo in order to maintain its visibility whenever possible.

When utilizing the Elite Alliance logo within a website it is preferred that the logo is presented on a white background, allowing the full impact of the logo to be felt.

Branding Usage in Social Media

The use of the Elite Alliance logo(s) in various social media outlets (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, travel blogs, etc.) is highly encouraged, however, the following rules apply when using any/all aspects of the Elite Alliance brand:

  • Get endorsement permission. Permission from the Elite Alliance company must be obtained prior to endorsing any product, service or property on the behalf of Elite Alliance.
  • Respect trademarks and copyright. The Elite Alliance logo may only be utilized with the appropriate copyright and trademarks as specified in this document.
  • To maintain the integrity and importance of the Elite Alliance brand, ensure that the Elite Alliance logo is sized, spaced, and colored appropriately for the site/social media outlet and according to the guidelines found in this document. When a website or other printed or electronic document dictates
  • The use of logos from other companies within the same layout, the Elite Alliance logo must be displayed at the same size or larger than the other logos in order to maintain its importance.
  • Photographs are often copyrighted and copy-protected, so appropriate permissions must be obtained prior to posting any photo on behalf of Elite Alliance.
  • Do not speak on behalf of the Elite Alliance company. The Elite Alliance brand should be utilized to promote your property and assist in awareness building. We ask that you do not make claims or engage in conversations on behalf of Elite Alliance though social media.

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