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What is Co-Ownership?

Owning a vacation home has never made so much sense. Co-ownership among like-minded families allows you to own the luxury vacation home you have always dreamed of but at a fraction of the cost and without all the tiresome and expensive responsibilities of owning a vacation home on your own. Residence clubs designed, structured, and operated by Elite Alliance Real Estate provides the comfort of knowing your new vacation home is backed by 30+ years of success.

Elite Alliance Co-Ownership Advantages

Real Estate Ownership

Unlike other shared-use programs, Elite Alliance residence clubs provide true real estate ownership, evidenced by an undivided deeded interest in a club residence.

Flexible Usage

Residence clubs provide equal use by all owners throughout the year and access to all residences of the same bedroom type. There is no limit on space-available use.

Professionally Managed & Serviced

Each club residence is professionally designed, furnished, and meticulously maintained to provide a worry-free vacation every time you visit! The club staff and concierge assist with all your family’s needs.

Own More For Less

Co-ownership allows savvy buyers to own a luxury vacation home at a fraction of the upfront and ongoing costs and provides access to luxury homes around the world through the Elite Alliance Exchange portfolio.

What Residence Club Owners Are Saying

The ease of ownership and service is outstanding. Staff bends over backwards to make your day better.

The Reefs Club / Bermuda


Co-ownership has turned out to be everything we hoped for, and more!

The Residences at The Chateaux / Park City, Utah


My decision to become a co-owner was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have had the pure delight of entertaining friends and/or family on every visit!

Club Borgo di Vagli / Cortona, Italy


It’s so convenient.  All we have to do is get here. Clearly, the value for us is very high.

The Christie Club / Steamboat Springs, Colorado


It is hard to believe that I originally was concerned with availability. We just love our visits.

The Phillips Club II / New York City


This is the only thing we’ve ever bought and never had buyer’s remorse.

The Christie Club / Steamboat Springs, Colorado


We didn't want to pay whole ownership prices, nor did we want the inconvenience of maintaining a second home located far away. Co-ownership solved both those problems. What a great concept!

The Residences at The Chateaux / Park City, Utah


It’s everything we thought it was going to be.  I think it’s an excellent investment.

The Phillips Club II / New York City


Each visit is truly luxurious. We are really pampered here.

The Reefs Club / Bermuda


Elite Alliance Expertise

Elite Alliance® founder Steve Dering pioneered the residence club co-ownership concept. He and the Elite Alliance team have provided resort and urban real estate developers with specialized expertise in the design, legal structure, financial modeling, marketing, and sale of luxury fractional ownership projects for more than 30 years. With Elite Alliance’s guidance, these luxury fractional ownership clubs have generated more than $1 billion in sales worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is residence club co-ownership a timeshare?

    No. Timeshare is typically the right to use only a specific week or a certain number of points. Although appropriate for a segment of the market, timeshare is essentially the pre-purchase of vacations with little or no residual value. Residence club owners receive deeded real estate ownership and have access to all club residences within their ownership category, with the right to use anytime, subject to the reservation policies.

  • Do residence club buyers own real estate?

    Yes. Ownership is evidenced by a real estate deed, which is recorded and guaranteed by a title insurance policy. Each owner is conveyed a debt-free, undivided deeded interest in one of the residence club’s fully furnished residences.

  • How often can owners stay at their residence club?

    As often as they wish, subject their club’s reservations policies and availability. Owners have the flexibility of reserving Planned Vacations well in advance and also visiting on a short-notice basis. The number of owners per residence varies by club, depending on seasonality of the location. Typically, owners reserve 21 days of Planned Vacations in advance. This leaves abundant additional occupancy for space available vacations during the year.

  • Are all residences fully furnished?

    Yes. Every residence club unit has been designed by experts and is fully furnished and fully accessorized.

  • Will residence club owners always stay in the same residence?

    No. To provide the greatest flexibility and availability, owners have equal access to all residences within their ownership category. Requests for specific homes will be granted when possible.

  • Can a club ownership be resold?

    Yes. Like any other form of real estate, the owner’s deeded fractional real estate interest can be sold or transferred by the owner, or sold by a licensed real estate agent, subject to the residence club legal documents.

  • Do owners pay annual fees?

    Yes. The annual fees pay for the professional management, operation, and maintenance of all club residences. Included in these annual fees are funds for staff salaries, supplies, maintenance, trash removal, legal/accounting, utilities, transportation, management fee, property taxes, master association fees, and clubs for scheduled maintenance and replacement of residential furnishings and appliances. Each owner’s annual fees are a fraction of the all-in annual costs associated with sole ownership of a luxury vacation home.

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