Rosemary Beach, Florida
The Private Residence Club at Rosemary Beach

Developed in a new urbanism town, Rosemary Beach is simply stunning in all aspects. Located in the panhandle of Florida, the weather is consistently warm and beach friendly. Visitors to this master-planned community are surprised by the unexpected old-world charm exuded by this beachfront town. Cobblestone streets connect unforgettable boutique shops with rich architecture inspired by the historic homes of St. Augustine and the Caribbean. Rosemary Beach's quaint streets and gas lanterns also give a European feel during the winter.

Controlled access to the beautiful white-sand beaches keeps the shores free of crowds and exclusive to those visiting and living in Rosemary Beach. The architecture of Town Hall and the surrounding collection of restaurants, boutique clothing shops, children stores, day spa, art galleries, and a bookstore bestow a unique and endearing character.

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