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We would like to invite all developers, homeowner associations, property management companies, and destination clubs that manage luxury vacation properties to apply to become a partner of Elite Alliance. When you become a partner of Elite Alliance, you increase the value of your brand by uniquely offering your owners expanded travel opportunities from just one location, to over 100 desirable destinations around the world. Not only will affiliation with Elite Alliance increase your real estate sales, but it will ensure a long-lasting positive relationship with current owners. Once you apply and are accepted, we provide all required resources to promote and administer the exchange program so you can enjoy the benefits of Elite Alliance.

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Partnership Benefits

  • Competitive Edge
    Affiliation with a high-end Exchange Program elevates your offering beyond other competitors.
  • Pre-Sales Advantage
    Leverage access to Elite Alliance’s vacation opportunities to buyers as they wait for their unit to be accessible.
  • Long Term Ownership
    Assurance that your owners will continue a long-lasting membership in order to access other luxury resorts in highly desirable destinations around the world.
  • Satisfied Owners
    Elite Alliance alleviates prospective buyers and current owners fear of being anchored to only one vacation destination.
  • Prospective Buyers
    Exchanging members of Elite Alliance are also prospective buyers when visiting partner resorts.
  • Upgraded Memberships
    Require your owners to participate with the property manager’s rental program or highest level of membership in order to gain access to Elite Alliance.
  • Added Bonuses
    Give employees, staff members, friends and family access to an Elite Alliance vacation as a gift, bonus or work retreat.

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VP of Business Development

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Partners FAQ

  • What is the Elite Alliance Partner Program?
    Elite Alliance is an exclusive membership-based luxury home exchange and travel club for owners of vacation properties at Partner resorts. To ensure the highest level of quality and service within our portfolio, Elite Alliance is only available to property owners at resort properties that have earned the designation of an Elite Alliance Partner.
  • How does the Elite Alliance exchange process work?
    The Elite Alliance exchange process is simple. Owners of vacation properties at Partner resorts are eligible to deposit weeks at their property in exchange for Elite Credits which, can then be used to reserve vacations within Elite Alliance’s portfolio of 100+ properties.
  • Who may apply for an Elite Alliance Partnership?
    Developers, homeowner associations, property management companies or destination clubs that manage luxury vacation properties, including whole-ownership, condo-hotels, private residence clubs or fractional properties may apply.
  • What are the benefits of becoming an Elite Alliance Partner?
    An Elite Alliance Partner designation increases the value of your brand and your resort property. As part of your real estate sales and management presentation, Elite Alliance Partners are uniquely able to differentiate their offering by expanding their owner’s vacation property investment and vacation experience from just one location to over 100 destinations, simply by purchasing a luxury vacation property at your resort.
  • How many resort properties are designated as an Elite Alliance Partner?
    Elite Alliance has 100+ Partners participating in 12 countries. These 100+ Partners represent 3,600+ vacation properties and 6,000+ owners. For the most current list of participating resorts, view our destinations.
  • How does a property become an Elite Alliance Partner?
    1. Elite Alliance completes a property profile.
    2. Elite Alliance provides the property with an online demo of the Exchange Program.
    3. Elite Alliance presents the property a provisionary Participation Agreement.
    4. Elite Alliance performs a site visit and Property Evaluation.
    5. Elite Alliance presents the property with a fully executed Participation Agreement.
  • Is an Elite Alliance Partner Program easy to implement?
    Yes. Once the property has received their designation, then Elite Alliance will provide all the required resources to promote and administer the Exchange Program.
  • What is the cost of the Elite Alliance Partner Program?
    The cost for participation in the Partner Program is minimal and varies based on the resort property profile and level of participation. Pricing will be presented upon completion of the resort property profile.