Popoyo, Nicaragua

A visit to this wonderous land entails an immense variety of activities such as world-class surfing, hiking up the dozens of volcanoes, ziplining through the forest canopy, and horseback riding along the ocean waves. Along with its natural beauty and array of excursions, Nicaragua has a rich blend of cultures which has led to a creative, lively and blissful environment. Nicaraguans are appreciated for their natural warmth, hospitality and wisdom which is why, apart from Chile, it has the lowest crime rate in all of Central America.

Your vacation would not be complete without a trip to one of the sensational beaches. Take long walks along the shore, collecting seashells along the way. Dip your toes into the crystalline Caribbean waters or paddle out to the crashing waves on your surfboard. If it’s relaxation and serenity you are seeking, take a snooze in the sand; the sun is almost always shining and the wind whistling so that you can relax comfortably without overheating. Equally appealing as the geography are the flavors. Nicaraguan food is one of those rare cuisines that hardly exists outside national borders, so savor every bite while you're here.

Bring your family and friends on a unique vacation to Nicaragua, and experience the varied landscapes and unmatched beauty that make it the next luxury destination.

Nicaragua is blessed with a tropical climate. Temperatures vary from 81° - 90°F during the rainy season (May to October) and from 86° - 95°F during the dry season (November to April).

During the dry season there is virtually no rain to stop you from enjoying a day spent at the beach.

In the rainy season, you'll see the natural beauty of the region blossom and grow offering spectacular scenery.

WEATHER: Monthly Averages

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
High 84° 85° 86° 88° 88° 86°
Low 72° 73° 74° 76° 77° 76°
Rainfall 4.8 in. 2.6 in. 1.6 in. 2.2 in. 8.4 in. 15.0 in.
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 85° 86° 85° 85° 85° 84°
Low 76° 76° 75° 74° 74° 74°
Rainfall 13.9 in. 12.2 in. 12.5 in. 14.3 in. 9.3 in. 6.4 in.