Newport, Rhode Island

Visit the New England coastline; a place made of surf and soul. Composed of classic Colonial architecture and breathtaking landscapes, and a feeling of being away yet connected, switched off yet inspired, engaged yet refreshed. Sip wine and slurp oysters at upscale restaurants that line the water. Partake in one of the many summer festivals and regattas. Enjoy brunch at Castle Hill or indulge in a private clam bake at Rose Island. It is a coastal community that is both enduring and unpredictable.

From Newport journey to Block Island and feast your eyes on dramatic cliffs, 17 miles of beaches and iconic lighthouses. Make your way on the shore and rent scooters to explore the island via scenic country roads that take you within view of spectacular bluffs, sand dunes and incredible landscapes. Jump in the ocean or go fishing for striped bass, making it just in time to enjoy the sunset and a glass of wine. From there head west to Fishers Island, just off the southeastern coast of Connecticut. A private seasonal resort island that offers a quiet pace and natural splendor. Attractions include a marina, museum, yacht club and golf course. Embodying the small-town feel of yesteryear, Fishers Island is a hidden gem worth discovering. If you go a little further west you’ll find Oyster Bay, situated on Long Island’s north shore. If its name didn’t give it away, oyster lovers will pine for the annual summer Oyster Bay Festival as well as its thriving dining and nightlife scene.

But the island hopping doesn’t stop there! If you decide to cruise towards the east, there are endless possibilities for a vacation well-spent. Cruise the waters and head for Martha’s Vineyard, the quintessential New England destination. Tour Edgartown harbor to view some of the most gorgeous homes in the nation. Take a bike ride past Oak Bluffs or relax at one of the world-class spas. Travel next door to the neighboring island of Nantucket, boasting opulent mansions, antique stores, art galleries and elegant boutiques. Relish in a wide variety of cultural activities, from live Jazz to summertime festivals, theater and lecture series. If you make it to the hook-shaped peninsula of Cape Cod you’ll find charming villages, seafood shacks, countless ice cream shops and endless water-based activities. Visit an oyster farm, tour the Maritime Museum, go mini golfing or fishing.

There’s nothing quite like summer cruising in New England. Silent misty mornings interrupted only by the distant clang of a bouy. Cobblestone streets whispering history’s secrets and rugged coastal cliffs that make even seasoned sailors wary.

From the Hamptons to Boston, the New England coastline is yours to explore on your own private yachting experience of a lifetime. Choose your own destinations along the coast to visit, nothing is out of reach.

Newport is a famous and historic seaport town, but like many New England cities, the past blends with the present in very appealing ways. It is a walking town that allows easy strolls, convenient shopping, and many out of the ordinary attractions – from boating to touring mansions. In the summer months the town is booming, but the pleasant atmosphere remains throughout the seasons.

The best times to visit are typically between March and May and from September to November in order to enjoy beautiful weather while beating the swarms of people that flock in the summer. With that said, the ideal time to cruise the water is from June to August, when summer is at its peak temperatures. A summer playground for both children and adults, there are so many authentic experiences it’ll be difficult to choose between spending time on land or at sea. So, do both! The beauty of vacationing on your own private yacht is the freedom it gives you to do what you want, when you want.

WEATHER: Monthly Averages

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
High 39° 38° 45° 55° 64° 73°
Low 27° 26° 33° 43° 52° 61°
Rainfall 3.9 in. 3.8 in. 5.6 in. 4.5 in. 3.7 in. 4.4 in.
Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
High 79° 78° 72° 62° 52° 44°
Low 69° 67° 61° 51° 42° 33°
Rainfall 3.2 in. 3.6 in. 4.0 in. 4.6 in. 3.8 in. 4.5 in.