Las Terrenas, DR

Las Terrenas is a resort town on the Samaná Peninsula, in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic. Bars and restaurants, many with open-air seating, fresh fruit stands, fine jewelry and clothing shops, souvenir stalls, French bakeries — it’s all here at your fingertips.

Known for its pristine beaches, vacationers will never have to search for a beautiful place to relax under the island sun with clear blue waters and sparkling powdery sands. Other than the miles of white sand beaches, warm crystal waters and lush coconut trees, you can find stunning mountain scenery to desert scrublands, evocative colonial architecture, buzzing city life and languid countryside, and famously warm welcoming people.

Whether you are looking for a destination to stroll casually along beaches, swim in tropical waters, climb the tops of mountains, observe the natural wildlife, or immerse yourself in the lands culture and traditions, the Dominican Republic never ceases to amaze.

The Dominican Republic enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year. The annual average temperature is 78° - 88°F. The coldest season is between November and April, and the warmest is between May and October. Perfect year-round weather has made the Dominican Republic a first-class tourist destination.

WEATHER: Monthly Averages

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
High 82° 82° 83° 84° 85° 87°
Low 67° 67° 68° 70° 72° 73°
Rainfall 2.9 in. 2.6 in. 2.6 in. 3.9 in. 6.7 in. 4.7 in.
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 87° 87° 87° 86° 84° 82°
Low 73° 73° 73° 72° 71° 70°
Rainfall 4.0 in. 4.8 in. 5.2 in. 6.0 in. 5.7 in. 4.4 in.