Brac Island, Croatia

Winding streets, striking beaches and dramatic landscape all make Brac a place of escape and relaxation. Its historical heritage and folk culture will add an in-depth and distinctive quality to your beautiful trip away. There are a wealth of museums and Roman ruins against a stunning backdrop of land and sea. Tree-lined beaches and a varied landscape make Brac the perfect base for sports activities from snorkeling and windsurfing, to hiking and mountain biking.

Take in the natural wonders of Croatia such as the steep canyons, forests, caves and waterfalls, all offering incredible sights to behold. The intriguingly named Dragon’s Cove contains exceptional and unusual set of reliefs, believed to have been created by an imaginative 15th-century friar. Made up of Christian and Croat pagan symbols, the walls are adorned with angels, animals and an open-mouthed dragon. For more modern artistry, the open-air cinema on the waterfront of Bol is a beautiful place to watch the latest film releases and classics.

Sitting between the Mediterranean and Central Europe, there's a wide range of cooking styles available, so whether you fancy a big bowl of mussels for dinner or dish heavy with meat and cheese you'll be able to find something for you - and you're never too far from a pizzeria!

Brac Island enjoys long, hot and dry summers essential for a relaxing swim in the Adriatic Sea. Winters are mild, but spring and fall are the best times of year for exploring the island’s many attractions. Though summer is the most popular time to visit, it is still possible to find many calm and secluded beaches, the roads never too busy and the restaurants never overfilled. If you are spending your Brac Island vacation in May, be sure to check out the summer festival of extreme sports, “Out of Rules,” which takes place every year.

WEATHER: Monthly Averages

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
High 51° 51° 55° 60° 69° 76°
Low 39° 39° 42° 48° 55° 62°
Rainfall 2.7 in. 2.4 in. 2.6 in. 2.2 in. 1.8 in. 1.6 in.
Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
High 82° 82° 75° 68° 59° 53°
Low 66° 66° 60° 54° 47° 41°
Rainfall 1.0 in. 1.8 in. 2.5 in. 3.2 in. 3.7 in. 3.9 in.