"Bermudaful" is an apt description of this stunning island with its pink-sand beaches and balmy turquoise waters. In fact, Mark Twain declared, 'You go to heaven if you want - I'd rather stay here in Bermuda.'

The sophisticated lifestyle, pink-sand beaches, hospitable weather, and distinct British accents offer a vacation environment that has made Bermuda legendary. Magnificent golf courses (more per square mile than any other country in the world), historical sites, nightlife, shopping, an amazing seventy-five miles of dazzling coastline, and crystalline water will keep the family gawking and active. 

The island is surrounded by a coral reef that harbors colorful fish and storied shipwrecks. It also provides memorable diving and snorkeling opportunities and creates perfect conditions for kayaking and boating. Stroll the winding streets of the colonial settlement of St. George or explore on a rented motor scooter. British history blends with a strong African heritage to create a culture that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. From powdered wigs on judges, to the deep beats of calypso music, to the Bermuda shorts that make its businessmen stand out in the global crowd, Bermuda is unique and indisputably one of the prettiest places on the planet.



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Low 61° 60° 60° 63° 68° 73° 77° 78° 76° 72° 67° 63°
Rainfall 4.9 in. 4.4 in. 4.3 in. 3.5 in. 3.1 in. 5.1 in. 4.6 in. 5.1 in. 5 in. 6.6 in. 4.1 in. 4.5 in.